Mastin-Meirndorf  wear the Championship crown

Hovey-Stein win three playoffs en route to First Flight title;
2015 Rehmann Team Match Play

EAST LANSING -- Forty-four holes later, the ironmen team of Tim Hovey and Mark Stein (at right) had plenty to smile about in the early evening of Sunday, July 19, at Eagle Eye Golf Club.

Hovey and Stein had just won a five-hole playoff over Jerad Masse and John Magalski to capture the first flight title of the two-day Rehmann Team Match Play event. All total, Hovey and Stein played 80 holes over the weekend – which had started at 8 a.m. Saturday with an 18-hole best ball round at Hawk Hollow.

“Wow, now that was fun,” Hovey said, while breathing a sigh of relief. “They made us earn it, didn’t they?”

It was the third playoff victory of the day for Hovey and Stein,
who started their day at Hawk with a 1-hole playoff win over Travis Liedke and Jeremy Davis (in a continuation of a match that was postponed by Saturday evening weather), and then followed up at Eagle Eye with a 20-hole semifinal win over Marc Protske and Patrick Wong.

Meanwhile, the senior tandem of Randy Mastin and Larry Meirndorf (at right) proved their mettle by defeating Garrett Dickinson and Tony Fuentes 1-up for the Championship division title.

Meirndorf’s up-and-down from the back of the green at 18 sealed the team’s second victory of the day. In the semifinals, Mastin and Meirndorf defeated Kevin Voke and Jim Rowe, 4 and 3.

Mastin – despite playing with a sore back in the finals –
continued his impressive run through the 2015 GLAGA season. Earlier this year he won the Senior championship at the Spring Medal (Emerald) as well as the Senior championship of the All City Match Play (Groesbeck).

“It wasn’t easy but we got it done,” Mastin said. “Larry made some big shots for along the way.”

 Championship Flight at Hawk Hollow (July 18)

  • Voke-Rowe d. Benzing-Matthiesen*, 2 and 1
  • Mastin-Meirndorf d. Grice-James, 5 and 4
  • Fuentes-Dickinson d. Holland-Rich, 4 and 3
  • Richard-Pingston d. Robson-Distefano, 3 and 2

* Benzing-Matthiesen shot the low best ball round of 68.

First Flight at Hawk Hollow (July 18)

  • Hovey-Stein d. Liedke-Davis, 19 holes
  • Protske-Wong d. Garza-Maddalena, 2 up
  • Peake-Thelen d. Leal-Makley, 2 and 1
  • Masse-Magalski d. Solomon-Pumfrey, 3 and 1

Championship Flight semifinals at Eagle Eye (July 19)

  • Mastin-Meirndorf d. Voke-Rowe, 4 and 3
  • Fuentes-Dickinson d. Richard-Pingston, 3 and 2

First Flight semifinals at Eagle Eye (July 19)

  • Hovey-Stein d. Protske-Wong, 20 holes
  • Masse-Magalski d. Peake-Thelen, 3 and 2

Championship Flight final at Eagle Eye (July 19)

  • Mastin-Meirndorf d. Fuentes-Dickinson, 1 up

First Flight final at Eagle Eye (July 19)

  • Hovey-Stein d. Masse-Magalski, 23 holes